Can't Stop The Serenity

Saturday, June 10, 2017
1pm - 6pm

Screening of 'Serenity'
Brewvies 1pm - 3pm
677 South 200 West
Salt Lake City

Food, Auctions, Raffle
& Cosplay Contest

Legends Sports Pub
3pm - 6pm

Fans of the TV Series Firefly and Movie Serenity

Gaming Con

July 7-8, 2017 BOOTH #514

Halloween in Summer Festival

July 15, 2017

Summer Shindig Picnic

Saturday, August 12, 2pm
Chauncey Porter site in Terraces Picnic Area
in Millcreek Canyon

Utah Browncoats Arches Tees!

We are pleased to present our popular and beautiful Arches design in T-Shirt form! This limited campaign will end December 11, 2016 so all orders can be completed before the holidays. Beautifully detailed, with vibrant coloring, this original artwork celebrates the town of Utah on the planet Hera within the expanded Firefly / Serenity universe. The moons depicted are Eris (larger) and Bullet respectively, with Serenity flying overhead.


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Equality Now?
Can't Stop the Serenity?

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Firefly Episode Viewing Order


1 - Serenity
2 - The Train Job
3 - Bushwhacked
4 - Shindig
5 - Safe
6 - Our Mrs. Reynolds
7 - Jaynestown
8 - Out of Gas
9 - Ariel
10 - War Stories
11 - Trash
12 - The Message
13 - Heart of Gold
14 - Objects in Space

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